728 PowerSafe® with snow thrower

Two-wheel tractor with turbine snow thrower 60 or 70 cm version. Wide choice of engines with power up to 9.5 hp 

The BCS 728 PowerSafe® two-wheel tractor with turbine snow thrower is the ideal machine for a quick and effortless snow removal from walkways, driveways, roads and parking

It is designed for a domestic or semi-professional use and it is able to remove any type of snow, from the soft to the ice, and on any surface.

The gearbox with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds and quick reverser allows to adapt the working speed based on the amount and consistency of the snow to remove.

The driver position with height-adjustable handlebar and laterally is mounted on shock absorbers to reduce vibrations and increase operator comfort.

For this model you can choose from four types of petrol engines: Honda GP160 4.8 hp, Honda GX200 5.5 hp, Honda GX270 8.4 hp or Briggs & Stratton XR1450 9.5 hp and a diesel engine Kohler KD350 7.5 hp.

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Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
Honda GP160 V Gasoline Recoil 3,6 / 4,8
Honda GX200 V Gasoline Recoil 4,1 / 5,5
Honda GX270 V Gasoline Recoil 6,3 / 8,6
Briggs&Stratton XR1450 V Gasoline Recoil 7 / 9,5
Kohler KD350 V Diesel Recoil 5,5 / 7,5

Purchase Guide

While selecting a snow thrower you need to take into account the extension of the area covered in snow and if this area is more or less subject to snowfalls.

If the area is covered in a high layer of snow, a machine with powerful engine and a wide working width is recommended. On the other hand, smaller areas where snowfalls are less frequent may require machines with less power. 

All machines are fitted with a lever for quick reversal of the operating direction. A model with differential unlocking and independent brakes on the wheels is recommended: in this way the machine can be handled more easily especially while operating in areas where a frequent steering is required or for clearing lanes or access paths with many curves.

For an easier switching on of the machine - also at cold temperatures - a model with electric starter is recommended.

4 seasons solution

sample powersafe
Not just snow: one machine for all seasons

BCS two-wheel tractors PowerSafe® can be used for a host of different tasks, as well as snow removal. The reversibility of the handlebars, combined with the correct ratio between the forward speeds and the independent power take-off speed enables all the models to be used in an extremely practical way with both front and rear attachments, thereby confirming the ultimate versatility of BCS two-wheel tractors.

Ideal for tilling soil and preparing the land for sowing, for mowing or pruning vine shoots, thanks to a complete range of original interchangeable attachments, the BCS two-wheel tractors allow to optimise the value of the investment: this is why the machine can be used in all seasons of the year