Vithar L80N MT

Isodiametric tractors, reversible, with steering wheels configured in haymaking version. Stage 3B engine, 75 HP

The Vithar L80N MT are tractors with steering wheels made in the version for mowing fodder, especially in sloping areas

The structure is characterized by a low centre of gravity for maximum stability on slopes without sacrificing the ground clearance for a rational flow of the mowed fodder under the machine

The Dual Floating System optimizes the load on the ground of the equipment applied to the third point, promoting its 'floating'.

Particular attention has been paid to the driver’s comfort: 4 post rops and approved cabins make for a practical and comfortable driving experience.

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Model Engine Power kW/HP Nominal speed (rpm) No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Aspiration Maximum torque (Nm/rpm)
L80N Kohler KDI 2504 TCR 55,4 / 75,3 2,300 4 2.482 Turbo Intercooler 300 / 1,500

Clean power

sample powersafe Vithar L80N tractors have a 2.4 lt Kohler engine which develops 75 HP, with a powerful maximum torque of 300 Nm@1500 rpm.

Turbocharged by a Turbo Intercooler, it is equipped with an EGR system alongside a DOC catalyst to reduce emissions and enhance operational efficiency. Thanks to the absence of the DPF particulate filter the regeneration is not necessary.

The engine rpm electronic management has been entirely developed by BCS Group; it is fast and precise, through the dashboard located at the right of the steering wheel and operates: speed increase and decrease, set speed setting and recalling, electronic governor switching off and shifting to idle speed.

Transmission and gearbox

sample powersafe
The transmission of Vithar L80N is fitted with the OS-Frame chassis

The joint in the middle of the machine lets the front axle oscillate up to 15° with respect to the rear axle, for excellent stability on slopes, as the four wheels are always stuck on the ground.

The 32-speed synchronised gearbox (16 FWD + 16 REV) with synchronized reverser always allows right gear selection for the tasks for which the tractor is intended to.

The 'Long Life' clutch is multidisc in oil bath electronically-managed and hydraulic control with Pro-Act System. The reactivity of the clutch is adjustable on 4 levels.

The Vithar L80N are equipped with planetary gear axles to minimize wheelbase of the tractor and increase its manoeuvrability.

The permanent 4-wheel drive allows exploiting the machine’s towing feature.

Pto and hydraulic system

sample powersafe
The rear PTO is independent from the gearbox and synchronized with all progress speeds. PTO can be engaged by an electro-hydraulic control, it has a speed of 540/540E rpm. 

The clutch is multidisc in oil bath.

The solid rear hydraulic lift by rams (optional with position and draft control) relies on multi-purpose practical and versatile couplings to adapt quickly and easily to all marketed equipments.

The hydraulic system consists of a double circuit with two independent pumps and dedicated heat exchanger: one of 29.5 l/min dedicated to the lift and distributors, the other of 13.5 l/min dedicated to the hydroguide and electro-hydraulic control.

Active and passive safety

The use in full safety both slopes and crosswise is guaranteed by the design geometry of Vithar L80N tractors, having a low centre of gravity and a very good weight distribution on axles when the implement is coupled to the rear lift.

The braking system with multi disc wet brakes, act on the rear transmission.

Front and rear differential lock, electro-hydraulically controlled, allows the tractor to be always in traction.

Driving position

sample powersafe Vithar L80N are characterised by a compact and comfortable driving position, which places it in a leading position when it comes to catering to the needs of the driver:

•    adoption of suspended pedals for comfortable and stress-free operation,
•    reversible model with silent-block suspended platform,
•    option of homologated cabs equipped with air conditioning and heating, to guarantee comfort inside, even during long work hours.

Visibility of the road and of surroundings is optimised thanks to the new compact engine bonnet.

Vithar L80N can be equipped with reversible driving position: a few seconds are required to rotate by 180° the seat, the steering wheel, the console and brakes-clutch pedals so that the operator may work having the equipment in front of him and constantly be able to control the operations. This means: maximum security and comfort.


sample powersafe
The multipurpose function of Vithar L80N tractors is enhanced by the reversibility of the driving seat.

Just in 10 seconds the operator can rotate the driving platform by 180° (seat, steering wheel, dashboard, brake and clutch pedals), to work with a front-mounted implement and steadily supervising all working operations, favouring comfort and safety.

The evolution of the reversibility system has led to a remarkable lightening of the effort necessary to raise the seat. Thanks to a combination of gas springs and mechanical springs, lift the seat now requires a very low and constant effort.

Approved cabs

sample powersafe
Vithar L80N can be equipped with approved cabins with air conditioning and heating.

Interiors are refined and the platform is hanging on silent-blocks; it’s completely independent from the tractor chassis. The cab has large windows, glass doors and sunroof giving the driver an excellent view of the equipment and road even when the driving platform is in reverse position.

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