622 Mower

Only for non-EC countries.

The BCS brand continues to be associated with motor mowers and the 243 model was among the first mowers in the world to be driven by an engine, something which in the 1940s radically revolutionised the concept of lawn-mowing.

A worthy heir to the original model, the 622 motor mower has a raised deck chassis, lubricated reduction units and side transmission mechanism

The differential with lock and the brakes with independent controls on both wheels allow optimum manoeuvring on all types of ground.

The 622 is equipped with a gearbox with 4 forward speeds plus 1 reverse and it is powered by a Lombardini 3LD450 10 HP single-cylinder diesel engine.

The cutting unit has been designed to work under tough conditions and for prolonged use: the cutter bar is available 127 cm with middle cut fingers and 140 cm with middle cut or low cut fingers.

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Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
Lombardini 3LD450 Diesel Recoil 7,5 / 10


sample powersafe The 'oscillating head' and the 'oscillating assembly' are patented fundamental features on which the efficiency of the cutting unit of the 622 motor mower is based.

  • The ‘oscillating head’ transforms the rotary motion of the shaft from the engine into alternating motion. By means of the rigid transmission shaft, the rod transmits the motion to the cutting knife.
  • The ‘oscillating assembly’ supports the entire cutter bar and allows it to move independently from the machine. The knife and the cutter bar move dynamically in a push-pull manner and compensate for the forces of inertia, dampening the vibrations which the machine is subjected to and improving the cutting efficiency.

Work sulky

sample powersafe
In order to operate the machine from a comfortably seated position, a special single-wheel sulky with a padded seat has been devised for application onto the deck of the 622 motor mower.

Technical features

  • No. of speeds FWD/REV: 4 + 1
  • Gearbox: with gears in oil bath
  • Clutch: dry single-disc with manual control
  • Differential with lock: yes
  • Power take-off: independent at 1,125 rpm
  • Brakes: with independent controls on both wheels
  • Driving position with adjustable handlebar
  • Weight with 3LD450 engine, 4.50-19 wheels and 127 cm cutter bar: 245 kg