Double knife cutter bar

The Duplex are double knife cutter bars, where the knives and teeth move simultaneously in opposite directions.

The perfect ‘scissor-cut’ of the Duplex severs the stalks of the forage in a clean cut without any fraying, keeping its nutritional value intact. This type of cut also allows rapid and lush re-growth of the turf. 

The reduced power absorption and limited weight allow the Duplex to be used also with low power tractors as well as on caterpillar machines.

Eight versions of the Duplex are available depending on the cutting width and the type of tooth:
Duplex 1.68 Gold or ST: 1.68 m cutting width
- Duplex 1.82 Gold or ST: 1.82 m cutting width
Duplex 2.12 Gold or ST: 2.12 m cutting width
Duplex 2.42 Gold or ST: 2.42 m cutting width

The Gold version is distinguished by double section teeth (distance between tips of 76 mm), while the ST version is distinguished by triple section teeth (distance between tips of 50 mm) and it is recommended for stony soils.

The compact and sturdy load-bearing frame was devised to minimise the overhang of the cutter bar with respect to the tractor and to optimise weight distribution. 

The hydraulic lifting, supplied as standard, allows the positioning of the bar from +90° (i.e. vertically) during field manoeuvres and during road transfer, and it operates trouble-free up to - 55° with respect to the horizontal plane.

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Cutting unit

sample powersafe
The cutter bar on the Duplex is distinguished by open rear profile teeth which drastically reduce the possibilities of clogging and, if damaged, can be easily replaced without dismantling the entire knife.

The self-adjusting flexible knife clips retain the best ‘scissor-cut’ condition over time, avoiding troublesome manual adjustments and providing a perfect cut without clogging or snagging. Pressure to the knife clips can be cut off to allow rapid knife replacement.

The linkages have been designed to provide a continuous flow of movement to the cutting unit, retaining maximum efficiency over time. The high number of strokes per minute at which they are calibrated, permitted by the use of very high quality materials, ensures optimum operation even at low engine revs.