26 Novembre 2018

EIMA 2018 NEW PRODUCTS: isodiametric tractor Vithar L80N

product image

The new high-range isodiametric tractors (75 hp)

BCS has integrated its portfolio of high-range isodiametric tractors with the new Vithar L80N with Kohler engine (75 hp).

Vithar L80N are characterised by a compact and comfortable driving position, which places it in a leading position when it comes to catering to the needs of the driver:

  • adoption of suspended pedals for comfortable and stress-free operation,
  • reversible model with silent-block suspended platform, 
  • option of homologated cabs equipped with air conditioning and heating, to guarantee comfort inside, even during long work hours.

Visibility of the road and of surroundings is optimised thanks to the new compact engine bonnet, under which the 4-cylinder common rail 75 hp Kohler engine with electronic management deploys all its power. Turbocharged by a Turbo Intercooler, it is equipped with an EGR system alongside a DOC catalyst to reduce emissions and enhance operational efficiency, without regeneration.

Vithar L80N are available in 8 models to meet the needs of an increasingly large group of users: articulated (AR), with steering wheels (RS) or configured for haymaking (MT), with monodirectional driving position or with a reversible platform, the latter also available with homologated cab.

Isodiametric wheels and a low centre of gravity, compact dimensions and a narrow axle track - all typical features of BCS specialised tractors - allow the vehicle to move easily even among the tightest rows.

Main technical characteristics of Vithar L80N:

  • Kohler KDI 2504 TCR engine, 75 hp @2300 rpm, 300 Nm@1500 maximum torque
  • Electronically regulated speed management with functions of memorize and recall a particular speed
  • OS-Frame transmission with synchronized gearbox: 32 speeds (16 forward and 16 reverse) with synchronized reverser
  • Multidisc in oil bath main clutch with hydraulic control
  • Axles with epicyclic reduction units
  • Four-wheel drive, permanent
  • Rear PTO independent from the gearbox, 540/540E rpm, synchronized with the gearbox and electro-hydraulic controlled
  • Hydraulic system with double circuit, independent pumps and heat exchanger
  • Optional joystick with electronic control
  • Lifting capacity at the end of the arms 2300 kg
  • Multidisc in oil bath service brakes
  • Reversible version with platform suspended on silent-block
  • Console with TFT colour display
  • Optional homologated and sound-proof cabin, with air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

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