Swivel Plough

The plough is the specific attachment for turning over and fragmenting the soil for the subsequent processing or directly for sowing. In turning the soil, weeds and previous crops are buried, speeding their decomposition. 

The 180° swivel plough consists of two mouldboards positioned one above the other and opposite by 180° on the same rudder. The two mouldboards work alternately: when one is working the other is raised relative to the ground surface.

The swivel plough allows the turning of the soil to the right or to the left relative to the inching movement. To change the direction of turning, at the end of the field make a 180° rotation of the plough.

The plough is also available in a single-plough version.

To use the plough it is advisable to set up the two-wheel tractor with 6.5/80-12 wheels and relative weights (34 kg each).


- Working width: 20 cm
- Share penetration depth: adjustable through the dedicated adjustment screw
- Height of the knife: adjustable
- Working angle: adjustable through the dedicated lever 
- Weight: 33 kg

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