720 Action

Reversible and multifunctional two-wheel tractor | power up to 9.5 hp | tilling width up to 66 cm.

The versatility of BCS two-wheel tractors Action series allows to fulfil all requirements pertaining to soil working, gardens' care, greens maintenance, inter-row mowing in vineyards and orchards or in uncultivated areas and during winter use, all year round.

Thanks to their handling and ease of use, the BCS two-wheel tractors Action series are well performing any type of use and can be used by a vast range of users: from hobby to professional farmers, and from individuals to the greenery caretaker.


- No. of speeds (FWD+REV): 
3 + 2 in two-wheel tractor position, 2 + 2 in motor mower position
- Quick reverser to change the forwarding direction
- Dry clutch: with manual control
- Independent power take-off: with engagement in oil bath
- Handlebar: mounted on silent-blocks, adjustable in height and sideways and reversible
- Safety devices: Engine Stop combined with clutch and contrast reverse speed to avoid contemporary action of reverse speed and rotary hoe

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Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
Honda GX200 V Gasoline Recoil 4,1 / 5,5
Honda GX270 V Gasoline Recoil 6,3 / 8,6
Briggs&Stratton XR1450 V Gasoline Recoil 7 / 9,5
Kohler KD350 V Diesel Recoil 5,5 / 7,5


sample powersafe
Graph of the speeds in km/h (forward and reverse gears) with 4.0-10 tyres.

- Two-wheel tractor version (with rear attachments)
- Motor mower version (with front attachments)


sample powersafe
The power transmission from the engine to the wheels and to the pto is through a solid transmission in oil bath, which provides the best compromise with benefits, reliability and working life

The conical self-ventilating dry clutch allows simple maintenance and low operating costs.

  • Motor Stop combined with the clutch.
  • Device to prevent the simultaneous engagement of rotary hoe and reverse speed.
  • Solid and compact structure to make the two-wheel tractors extremely light and maneuverable on all types of grounds.
  • Optimal balancing of the machine with both front and rear attachments.
  • Adjustable handlebar in 7 different positions - to fit all types of operator - and sideways to avoid treading the soil worked or to cut on slope.
  • Handlebar mounted on silent-blocks to dampen vibrations and allow the use of the two-wheel tractors for several hours without straining the operator.
  • Easy to locate and operate levers and controls with simple and effortless movements.
  • Intuitive and well-visible pictograms illustrate the function of all controls to the operator.
  • BCS is a leading Company in the sector of agricultural and greens maintenance machines. Born in 1943, it is recognized internationally for the high quality of its production.

Dimensions and Weights

sample powersafe Width min / max (without attachment):

  • with wheels 4.00-8:  435 mm
  • with wheels 4.0-10:  466 / 538 mm
  • with wheels 6.5/80-12 and wheel spacers:  680 / 777 mm
  • with steel cage wheels Ø cm 43:  435 mm

Weight (without attachment):

  • with GX200 engine, wheels 4.00-8:  67 kg
  • with GX270 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  84 kg
  • with XR1450 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  85 kg
  • with KD350 engine, wheels 4.0-10:  94 kg


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