622 Reaper-Binder

Only for non-EC countries.

The success of BCS mower comes from a brilliant intuition that made this machine versatile for other uses as well. 

622 combined with a reaper-binder attachment becomes a true harvester for corn, sesame, lavender, officinal herbs, common reeds and any other crop requiring mowing and tying in heaps or bundles. 

622 reaper-binder has a 4 forward speed and 1 reverse speed gearbox; it is operated by a single-cylinder diesel engine from Lombardini, type 3LD450, 10 HP

The differential with lock and independent control brakes on the two wheels permit the best control of the machine on any type of ground.

There are two versions of reaper-binder available:

•  Standard reaper-binder for those products whose height does not exceed 70/80 cm from ground. 
•  Special reaper-binder with raised chassis so that all the crops whose ground clearance is higher than 80 cm can easily flow under the axle. 

The cutting height is 140 cm and the cutter bar is available with standard fingers (finger clearance: 76 cm), low cut fingers (finger clearance: 38 mm) or mulching fingers to prevent clogging, in particular for common reeds.

The forks over the cutter bar move constantly and continuously, to convey cut crop towards the tying attachment.

The binder is a patent by BCS and is true technical exploit: tying of cut product and wire cutting can be adjusted once the heap is ready. The diameter of the latter can be adjusted in three positions using a suitable spring.

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Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
Lombardini 3LD450 Diesel Recoil 7,5 / 10

Standard reaper-binder

sample powersafe
The standard reaper-binder is directly applied onto the transmission unit of 622. 

The ground clearance and the overall dimensions are the same in this version, that can be used for crops with ground clearance not higher than 70/80 cm.

Available with tying at 19 or 28 cm of height.

Special reaper-binder

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The special reaper-binder uses a special chassis where the transmission assembly of 622 is integrated. 

This chassis is used to raise the structure of the complete machine; in this way, crops with ground clearance higher than 80 cm can easily flow under the axle after being cut. 

Available with tying at 19 or 28 cm of height.

Work sulky

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To work in a comfortable position while being seated, a special single-wheel sulky with padded seat was developed, to be fitted on the axle of 622.

Technical features

  • Number of FWD + REV speeds: 4 + 1
  • Gearbox: oil bath gears
  • Clutch: dry, single-disc with manual control
  • Differential with lock: yes
  • PTO: independent type, 1,125 rpm
  • Brakes: with independent control on the two wheels
  • Driving position with adjustable handlebar
  • Weight with 3LD450 engine, 4.50-19 wheels and standard reaper-binder: 445 kg
  • Weight with 3LD450 engine, 4.50-19 wheels and special reaper-binder: 485 kg

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