280 Reaper-Binder

Only for non-EC countries.

The 280 reaper-binder is the ideal machine for cutting and binding sheaves of wheat, sesame, lavender and officinal herbs while comfortably sitting in the operator's seat.  

The steering wheel acts on the rear wheels. 

The differential with lock and the independently-controlled brakes on the two wheels achieve easy manoeuvring of the machine on every type of ground.

The 280 reaper-binder was studied to last over time and is operated by a single-cylinder Lombardini diesel engine 3LD510 by 12.2 HP and has a mechanical drive with 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear transmission.

PTO engagement, through gear drive, is lever operated. 

Cutting width is 140 cm and the forks on the cutting bar move continuously and constantly to convey the cut crop towards the binder.

The binder is patented by BCS and has extremely refined technique: it adjusts binding of cut crop and cutting of the twine when the sheaf is ready. 

The sheaf diameter can be adjusted in four positions through a dedicated spring.

Lifting and lowering of the reaper-binder is hydraulically operated through a pedal control.

Thanks to the two work lights positioned on the sides of the operator's platform, the 280 reaper-binder can be used for night work as well, and in case of poor light conditions.

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Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
Lombardini 3LD510 Diesel Electric 9 / 12,2

Technical features

  • Number of forward gears + reverse: 4 + 1
  • Gearbox: always engaged gears
  • Clutch: dry single-disc with pedal operation
  • Differential with lock: yes
  • Power take-off: with lever engagement and gear drive
  • Brakes: pedal-operated, with independent controls on both wheels
  • Driving position with adjustable seat and steering wheel
  • Wheels: Front 4.50-19 (optional 6.00-16) - Rear 4.00-12
  • Weight: approx. 450 kg
  • Dimensions: Length 3600 mm - Width 1950 mm - Height 2300 mm

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