Rotex Avant NT R 6 | 7

Front-mounted mower-conditioner, chevron roller conditioner

The Rotex Avant NT R are front-mounted mower-conditioners with limited weight and dimensions for use on both traditional and isodiametric tractors as well as on special tractors configured for mowing mountain pasture grass.

The minimal power absorption from the PTO makes the Rotex Avant NT R suitable also for use on low powered tractors, in the mountain and on slopes.

Two different versions of the Rotex Avant NT R are available, depending on the cutting width: 
Rotex Avant NT R6  with 6 discs and a 2.45 m cutting width 
Rotex Avant NT R7  with 7 discs and a 2.85 m cutting width 

The compact and light-weight load-bearing frame drastically reduces the overhand of the mower with respect to the tractor, optimising weight distribution and making the use in "combination" with rear-mounted mowers more stable. 

It is recommended to install Rotex Avant NT R on tractor having azote-operated hydraulic suspension, to keep the cutterbar load on ground always regular and for a better adaption to the ground contour. As an alternative, a spring suspension kit is available (for standard tractors only).

The main transmission boxes feature gears in oil bath and are designed to operate with tractors with PTO at 540 or 1,000 rpm. The control support, with the gears in an oil bath, is made from spheroidal cast iron to ensure maximum resistance to stress during operation and movement, and it is situated behind the first disc to reduce the overall dimensions and facilitate the passage of the mowed forage.

A free wheel and a clutch are also standard features to protect the transmission. This makes it possible to use a simple cardan joint to convey the motion from the tractor PTO to the machine.

Six types of frames with tractor linkage make the Rotex Avant NT R compatible with all the tractors currently on the market.

A central articulated joint allows the machines to oscillate with respect to the coupling (± 5°), adapting to the morphology of the soils on which they are used. A pin makes it possible to lock it during road transfer.

More Information

DustDeflector Wings

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The special bodywork of the Rotex R Avant NT has not only been studied to give the machine an attractive appearance, but also to direct dust and debris generated when the machine is in operation, thereby avoiding having to stop repeatedly to clean the radiator grilles or the windscreen if the machine is used on tractors with reversible drive wheels.

The efficiency of the DustDeflector Wings system is the result of a precise stylistic study which makes the clogging substances flow down the side of the machine.

Cutting unit

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The cutter bar on the Rotex R Avant NT is equipped with gears in oil bath and with a safety system against accidental impact supported by disc-holding flanges with breakdown device.

The mud scraper discs, which are made of special steel, are also available in a version with release mechanism for rapid tool-free knife replacement.

The bar features a compact yet hard-wearing profile. This optimises penetration in all types of forage, even if thick and flattened, ensuring regular discharge without any danger of clogging.

The baffles situated in the knife overlap zones protect the bar should a blade bend upon contact with an obstacle.

The special steel wear-resistant skids provide maximum protection for the gear box.

The conveyor cones, which are mounted on the first and last disc, make the swathing of the cut forage easier and allow the machine to gather it towards the centre of the bar, thus forming, in synch with the adjustable tier boards, a copious and well aired heap.

Conditioning unit

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Rotex R Avant NT are equipped with roller conditioner in a special polyurethane resin with high size stability and high abrasion resistance. 

The characteristic helical chevron ribbing allows the two rollers to work in an interlocking fashion, flattening the plant's stalk to allow rapid drying and keep it intact both in terms of quality and nutritional value.

The conditioning pressure can be adjusted between 0 and 500 kg using a lever control which is connected to torsion bars that adjust the distance between the rollers between 0 and 40 mm. In this last position, the mowed forage passes through the rollers without being conditioned.

This same system also helps to protect the conditioner and keep it intact in the presence of foreign bodies.

Hydraulic displacement

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The hydraulic displacement (optional) allows the Rotex R Avant NT machines to move transversally about 175 mm on both sides, with respect to the central axis of the third point coupling. 

This allows improved load distribution and enhanced tractor/mower stability especially when operating on slopes.

It also becomes a practical accessory when operating in the presence of trees or on canal banks.