NEVA R7 | R8 Avant

Front-mounted mower-conditioner, chevron roller conditioner

The NEVA R7 and R8 Avant front-mounted mower-conditioners are designed for professional haymaking.
Intended for the market of large surface areas and intensive agriculture, their strengths lie in their superior performance and operating speed.

Two different versions are available, depending on the cutting width:
NEVA R7 Avant with 7 discs and a cutting width of 2.85 m
NEVA R8 Avant with 8 discs and a cutting width of 3.25 m

The cast iron control support and the transmission with conical, low-noise gears in oil bath ensure outstanding performance and endurance.

The NEVA R7 and R8 Avant are equipped with transmission running at 1,000 rpm. A free wheel and a clutch are also standard features to protect the transmission. This makes it possible to use a simple cardan joint to convey the motion from the tractor PTO to the machine.

The set up to adjust the machine in operating position is carried out directly from the tractor's driving position simply and quickly thanks to chromatic stability indicators.

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MultiFloat Frame

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The NEVA are equipped with a MultiFloat Frame (frame with multiple movements) supported by a parallelogram linkage. This ensures the NEVA affords maximum adaptability to any type of ground and especially it allows it to overcome any obstacle since it can perform 3 movements simultaneously: move backwards, lift itself and turn.

Front-mounted mowers currently available on the market cannot move backwards while operating because this movement is prevented by the cardan shaft that connects them to the power take-off of the tractor.

Thanks to their MultiFloat Frame, the BCS NEVA on the other hand release the cardan shaft from the cutter bar, leaving it free to move backwards from the tractor, in addition to performing the various movements around the axles.

Dynamic Lightening

The dynamic lightening system patented by BCS allows the operator to optimize the weight on ground of the mower-conditioner during work at any speed and any terrain.
This reduces the power needed by the tractor to tow the machine, because it proves lighter.

The Dynamic Lightening ensures several advantages:

1. Reduces fuel consumption
2. Increases tractor maneuverability
3. Maintains the cutter bar clean at all times to great advantage of the cutting quality

DustDeflector Wings

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The DustDeflector Wings system is designed to protect the tractor's cooling system against dust and debris generated when mowing the forage and which would clog the radiator grilles.

To solve this issue, BCS has patented its DustDeflector Wings system which consists of an upper deflector screen, positioned as part of the bodywork above the frame of the machine, and two lateral deflector screens placed on its sides, which divert the air flow to the sides of the tractor keeping it clean at all times.

Cutting unit

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The cutter bar on the NEVA is equipped with gears in oil bath and with a safety system against accidental impact supported by disc-holding flanges with a torque limiting device.

The bar features a compact yet hard-wearing profile. This optimises penetration in all types of forage, even if thick and flattened, ensuring regular discharge without any danger of clogging, even when operating at high speed.

The discs with mud scraper flaps, which are made of special steel, keep the cutter bar constantly clean.

The baffles situated in the knife overlap zones protect the bar should a blade bend upon contact with an obstacle.

The special steel wear-resistant skids provide maximum protection for the gear box.

The conveyor cones, which are mounted on the first and last disc, make the swathing of the cut forage easier and allow the machine to gather it towards the centre of the bar, thus contributing, in synch with the adjustable swath boards, to limit treading of the tractor wheels on the mowed forage.

Conditioning unit

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The NEVA R7 and R8 Avant are equipped with a roller conditioner featuring polyurethane chevron ribs that flatten the plant's stalk to allow rapid drying and keep it intact both in terms of quality and nutritional value.

The conditioning pressure is adjustable from 0 to 500 kg, to allow the mowed forage to pass through the rollers without being conditioned should the circumstances demand it.