Rotex XR 5 | 6 | 7

Rear-mounted disc mower-conditioner, chevron roller conditioner

Rotex XR take their origin from the renowned Rotex R and are the new mower-conditioners with rear discs produced by BCS, combining disc mower cutting quality and allow forage to be pressed so as to reduce drying times by over 50%. 

The appreciable saving of time and the lesser risk of exposure of the forage to climatic risks are all to the advantage of the quality of the crop, the nutritional characteristics of which remain unchanged.

The machines have a new look and their structure was reinforced to face always more and more demanding work conditions coming from the dynamic and exigent modern companies.

Reliability, performance, working speed and high quality of the cut and conditioned forage are the strengths of new Rotex XR.

Three different versions of the Rotex XR are available, depending on the cutting width:
- Rotex XR 5 with 5 discs and a 2.05 m cutting width
- Rotex XR 6 with 6 discs and a 2.45 m cutting width
- Rotex XR 7 with 7 discs and a 2.85 m cutting width

The minimal power absorption at the PTO makes the Rotex XR suitable also for use on low powered tractors, on slopes or combined with front mowers.

The cutter bar features a compact yet hard-wearing profile. The conditioner "offset" rollers achieve a better flow of the forage both when coming in and going out of the conditioner, preventing any kind of clogging and optimising the use even in the presence of crops that are particularly thick and laid.

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Structure and Frame

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The three-point linkage frame can be adjusted on the side to suit any kind of tractor. The perfect correspondence with the tractor track allows the cutting width to be fully exploited, along with adjusting the best overlapping in case of combined work with a front mower. 

Balancing and lightening of the cutter bar occur through a system of strong helical springs and tie-rods, acting independently on both ends of the cutter bar: in this way, the weight of the mower-conditioner is regularly distributed and the cutter bar can follow the ground contour in the best way. 

+ less friction with resulting fuel saving
+ regular cutting height
+ always clean and non-contaminated forage
+ protection of the turf

Rotex XR mower-conditioners are equipped with an impact-preventing safety unlock device, to avoid any damage to the cutter bar: in case of strong bump against an obstacle, the device partially retracts and lifts the cutter bar.

The standard hydraulic lifting is used to ease cutter bar during end of field manoeuvres, lifting it to +90° (in vertical direction) during road transfers or facilitating work on steep banks and ditches until -35° versus the horizontal direction. All this can be done from the tractor operator's seat, by simply moving the control valve lever. In this way, no adjustment is required on the tractor's third point because it is always at the preset height for an always sharp and clean cut.

In transport position, the cutter bar is securely held by a mechanical device, leaving a good view for the operator at the back. The reduced offset vs. the tractor guarantees a high stability without any swinging movement during road transfers, also at high speed. 

A complete new design was implemented for the protection canvas, which is now surrounded by plastic impact-preventing guards and for crossbar, equipped with reinforced couplings. The tilting of the guard gives easy and comfortable access to the cutter bar, for its cleaning and maintenance.

Cutting unit

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Rotex XR mower-conditioners were designed to bear heavy duty conditions all the time; the cutter bar is formed by top quality and highly resistant components.

The gearbox, with gears in an oil bath, is made from spheroidal graphite cast iron to ensure maximum resistance to stress both during work and transfer.

The cutter bar has an oil bath gear transmission. The sealed ball bearings and the large gears with rounded profiled teeth achieve an efficient and reliable power transmission to cutting discs.

Transmission is also protected against accidental impacts by a safety system supported by disc-holding flanges with a breakdown device. This device prevents any damage to the cutter bar interior components in case of strong impact between discs and stones or obstacles. The 4 safety shearpins are cut and can be replaced within a few minutes with very short down times.

The discs with cleaning flaps achieve an optimal flow of forage and high wear resistance.

Baffles with reinforced connections are located in the knife overlap zones and protect the cutter bar should a blade bend upon contact with an obstacle. Their special shape prevents soil clogs and debris to be accumulated; the cutting area is always clean for optimal forage flow.

The special wear-resistant skids protect the cutter bar, guarantee a long life and a lower resistance to inching.

Conveyor cones are installed on the first and last disc, for an improved flow of the cut forage to the conditioner.

Conditioning unit

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Rotex XR are equipped with roller conditioner in a special polyurethane resin with high size stability and high abrasion resistance.

The characteristic helical chevron ribbing allows the two rollers to work in an interlocking fashion, flattening the plant's stalk to allow rapid drying and keep it intact both in terms of quality and nutritional value.

The conditioning pressure can be adjusted using a lever control which is connected to torsion bars that adjust the distance between the rollers between 0 and 40 mm. In this last position, the mowed forage passes through the rollers without being conditioned.

The upper swing roller also helps to protect the conditioner and keep it intact in the presence of foreign bodies.

A special protection secured at the back of the cutter bars protects the lower roller in case of strong impacts against stones, when the mower-conditioner is operated on stony grounds.

The conditioner controls the whole working width; in this way, the cut crop is handled in the same way and laid on the ground, creating an abundant and well-aired heap, thanks to the adjustable swath boards.