27 November 2018

EIMA 2018 NEW PRODUCT: isodiametric tractor Valiant L65

product image

The new middle-range isodiametric tractors (56 hp)

BCS has integrated its portfolio of middle-range isodiametric tractors with the new Valiant L65 with Kohler engine (56 hp), with electronic management.

Equipped with an OS-Frame with a 24-speed gearbox (12 FWD + 12 REV), the Valiant L65 comprise eight models that cover all the classic needs of specialised tractors: row crops for vineyards and orchards, even on slopes, greenhouses and maintenance of green spaces, both in summer and winter.

Available with central articulation (AR), steering wheels (RS) or configured for haymaking (MT), Valiant L65 have an optional reversible driving position - standard on the MT model - that allows the operator to work with attachments positioned in front of him, in comfort, safety and with precision in manoeuvring.

Completely new is the cab with silent-block suspended platform, featuring large all-glass doors that ensure optimal visibility of both the road and the surroundings.   

Main technical characteristics of Valiant L65:

  • Engine: Kohler KDI 1903 TCR, 56 hp @2600 rpm, 3 cylinders
  • Electronically regulated speed management with functions of memorize and recall a particular speed
  • OS-Frame transmission with synchronized gearbox: 24 speeds (12 forward and 12 reverse) with synchronized reverser
  • Long life multidisc in oil bath main clutch
  • 4WD
  • Rear PTO independent from the gearbox, 540/540E rpm and synchronized with the gearbox
  • Hydraulic system with double circuit and independent pumps
  • Optional joystick with electronic control
  • Rear lift by two external rams. Optional: draft and position control
  • Multidisc in oil bath service brakes
  • Reversible version with platform suspended on silent-block
  • Optional homologated and sound-proof cabin, with air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems

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