21 April 2016


The new super-professional cutter bars.

product image

BCS expands its range of cutter bars for pedestrian motor mowers and walking tractors with the new super-professionals "Dual Laser Elasto".

"Dual Laser Elasto" are cutter bars with double alternate movement (double reciprocating), the blade and the teeth array moving counter to each other, equipped with "Laser® tooth" and self-adjusting blade-holders. They are available with a width of  2,10 mt.

The new cutter bars "Dual Laser Elasto" maintain all the superior structural characteristics and cutting qualities of "Laser®" bars with the advantage of ABSOLUTE OPERATIVE COMFORT that is winding-down even after several hours of use! 

The level of vibrations is extremely reduced: the blade and the teeth array moving counter to each other but with different masses and runs.

Moreover, this is able to reduce drastically wears caused by vibrations with consequent saving in spare parts and machine down.


The efficiency on every type of land and their durability are guaranteed by all the improvements already introduced on the “Laser®” cutter bars:

1.  Cylindrical nailing of the blade for a hard fastening to the blade strip and to ease its replacement in case of damage,
2.  Tunnel moulded tooth which allows the new cylindrical nailing to  improve the cutting and duration by  avoiding the scraping of  the blades securing rivets,
3.  Blades with heel to remove inappropriate movements while working,
4.  Full thickness screws  in the blade socket to optimize the fastening of the blade connection to the blade socket,
5.  Blade socket moulded in tempered alloy steel to optimize its efficiency,
6.  Blade connection  with reinforced  temper alloy steel bridge to optimize its  efficiency and duration,
7.  Professional skids which allow to regulate the cutting height in the best and precise way.

The new blades with central hole reduce stresses and improve its cleaning.

The self-adjusting blade-holders maintain constant (for all the 'life' of the bar) force between the blade and the teeth array, without any manual operation by the operator. The new spring-steel blade-holders with "deflectors" provide a further improvement for the discharge of the cut grass.

For the assembly of the "Dual Laser Elasto" cutter bar the Duplex Torx transmission in oil bath is always required.