14 April 2015


Because the Earth is not a perfectly flat surface !

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For attachments that need to adapt to the sinuous surface of terrain in keeping with its grooves and bumps without damaging the surface, such as front-mounted mowers and mowing conditioners, lawn mowers or heavy-duty mowers, the BCS Group has patented the Dual Floating System®, which optimises the ground load of attachment applied to the third point, encouraging its 'floating' and thereby lending them high performance on all terrain. 

What does the Dual Floating System
® consist of?

The Dual Floating System® uses two cylinders which are connected to an independent hydraulic system fitted with a nitrogen accumulator which, supported by those supplied with the rear lift, provide the attachment with independent suspension from that of the lift itself.

The Dual Floating System® ensures the position of the attachment remains parallel with the terrain at all times and enables the operator to set the adjustment of the ground load of the attachment with the utmost precision, according to its weight.

Thanks to an ergonomically-positioned lever, connected to an analogue pressure gauge to read the accumulator pressure, the operator can in fact load or unload the nitrogen accumulator to the desired pressure, according to the attachment weight to offload from the ground and to keep the system pressure constant.

What are the advantages of the Dual Floating System®? 

By lightening the attachment applied to the rear lift of the tractor, and optimising its ground load, several advantages are achieved, including:

- a reduction in the tractor draft with ensuing fuel savings, 
- a limitation in the ground impact of the attachment,
- a drastic drop in soil pollution during forage cutting operations,
- respect of the turf.